Climber´s Fingers 2016 Calendar – Your „Rocky“ New Gift

Christmas is around the corner and the end of the year is approaching pretty fast. Exactly a right time to look for a new calendar for 2016. Meanwhile, a kind of truly original calendar can easily solve the problem of your Christmas shopping. You might stop your annual gift inventing suffer, anyway, your loved ones really have everything. It´s been just a couple of hours ago that boys from Climber's Fingers introduced their already second in a row calendar which is definitely worth of your assessment nor interest. So get your buddies entertained.

It is one of a few that is so thematically oriented. Each month, the calendar contains one cartoon, a funny actin picture of both sports climbers or big-wall lovers. The calendar is free to download in PDF format, ready in a total of 17 languages, including English. Anyone can download or have it printed for yourself and your friends. Download calendar ... All further information about the calendar and many other climbing jokes can be found on Climber's Fingers FB profile:


1. 12. 2015 Comments: 0
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