Footage of the First Ascent of Mt. Reaper

Hansjörg Auer and Much Mayr, two alpinists from Austria mad the first ascent of a mountain in Alaska that is believed to had been previously unclimbed. They headed to the Neacola Range, a remote location that is known for its hostile weather conditions, rarely there are blue skies. Maybe that's why this location haven't seen more extensive explorations. But that couldn't stop the two Austrian mates giving a try. In May 2015, they packed up and headed north with three different projects in mind. Everything looked good but shortly after they set their camp things took an unanticipated (or anticipated?) turn. A storm was coming up.
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In the end however, despite previous poor prospects, the duo managed to climb the peak in a 12-hour push from camp to summit and back and dubbed the 2300m ascent Mt.Reaper.

Mt. Reaper via its North Face Route 'Sugar Man':

29. 1. 2016 Comments: 0
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