Get Ready for a Thrilling 2016 Climbing Season

The IFSC is pleased to announce the Calendar for the 2016 Sport Climbing Season. The season will kick off with Bouldering on April 15th – 16th at the IFSC Climbing World Cup in Meiringen (Switzerland). Expanding the sport’s reach as never before, in 2016 the IFSC events will be hosted by six new hosting cities. For the first time ever, the IFSC World Cup will be taking place in Meiringen (Switzerland), Nanjing (China), Navi Mumbai (India), Villars (Switzerland), Xiamen (China) and Guangzhou (China). With several new hosting cities, the IFSC World Championships in Paris and the IFSC World Youth Championships in China, the 2016 climbing season looks definitely promising.
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IFSC World Championships Back to Paris

The IFSC is also excited to announce that the IFSC World Championships, which take place every two years, will be held this year in Paris, France. The venue is the newly renovated Bercy Accor Hotels Arena where 500 plus international athletes representing 60 countries are expected. It will be one of the most prestigious events the IFSC has ever organized.

Photo: © Mehdi Soheil Farid

China to host IFSC World Youth Championships and 1st World University Sport Climbing Championship

Autumn will be a busy time for climbing lovers. From 12th to 16th October, Shanghai will host the 1st World University Sport Climbing Championship. Then, from 7th to 13th November the IFSC World Youth Championships will take place for the second time in China, in the city of Guangzhou. All three disciplines will be represented, after the excitement of Arco, Italy, in 2015.

Will Guangzhou follow up with the Italien succesful event in Arco?; photo: © IFSC/Eddie Fowke - The Circuit Climbing

For the seventh year, the IFSC events will be live streamed on the IFSC YouTube channel. The IFSC has also worked on improving its digital platforms to provide the best event viewing experience for its fans.

IFSC President, Marco Maria Scolaris cannot wait for the season to start: “Year after year climbing popularity grows as well as the number of climbing lovers. It’s a community to be proud of. 2016 will be another fantastic season, with new cities ready to host the IFSC competitions. The entire IFSC is working on the visibility and accessibility of Sport Climbing.” While everyone is busy preparing such a rich calendar of events, the IFSC, together with all the climbing enthusiasts, is impatiently waiting for August 2016, when the IOC Session will make a decision about the possible selection of Sport Climbing and four other sports for Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

2016 IFSC Calendar

  • April 15th-16th: IFSC Climbing World Cup Meiringen 2016 – Bouldering
  • April 23rd-24th: IFSC Climbing World Cup Kazo 2016 – Bouldering
  • April 30th-May 1st: IFSC Climbing World Cup Chongqing 2016 – Bouldering and Speed
  • May 7th-8th: IFSC Climbing World Cup Nanjing 2016 – Speed
  • May 14th-15th: IFSC Climbing World Cup Navi Mumbai 2016 – Bouldering
  • May 20th-21st: IFSC Climbing World Cup Innsbruck 2016 – Bouldering
  • June 10th-11th: IFSC Climbing World Cup Vail 2016 – Bouldering
  • July 11th-12th: IFSC Climbing World Cup Chamonix 2016 – Lead and Speed
  • July 15th-16th: IFSC Climbing World Cup Villars 2016 – Lead and Speed
  • July 22nd-23rd: IFSC Climbing World Cup Briançon 2016 – Lead
  • August 12th-13th: IFSC Climbing World Cup Munich 2016 – Bouldering
  • August 19th-20th: IFSC Climbing World Cup Imst 2016 – Lead
  • August 26th-27th: IFSC Climbing World Cup Arco 2016 – Lead and Speed
  • September 14th-18th: IFSC Climbing & Paraclimbing World Championships Paris 2016 – Bouldering and Lead and Speed
  • October 12th-16th: 1st World University Sport Climbing Championship Shanghai 2016 – Bouldering and Lead and Speed
  • October 18th-19th: IFSC Climbing World Cup Wujiang 2016 – Speed
  • October 22nd-23rd: IFSC Climbing World Cup Xiamen 2016 – Lead and Speed
  • November 7th-13th: IFSC World Youth Championships Guangzhou 2016 – Bouldering and Lead and Speed
  • November 12th-13th: IFSC World Cup Kranj 2016 - Lead


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