FMX - Riders in Madrid - Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour 2013

On the July 19 the best FMX-riders met in Madrid in order to determine the strongest of them. This time lucky one was Frenchman Thomas Pagès. He therefore have fulfilled two of his old dreams, he first won the event at the famous bullfighting arena - Las Ventas, and was crowned the champion of the Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour 2013.
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By the end of the world tour Paget scored 360 points, ahead of Spaniard Dany Torres (260) and the Japanese Taka Higashino (245). In the final, he made ​​one of his signature tricks Flair (rotate 540 degrees quarter halfpipe), Special Flip (back flip in the air on a motorcycle), Volt (360 degrees rotation of the motorcycle), and brought the audience to ecstasy new trick Flair Tsunami - frozen in an upright position upside down. "It's more than a dream!" – Shared his emotions the rider immediately after the speech.

And Dany Torres with his "Paris Hilton Flip", won the prestigious Swatch Best Move Award (for each event judges choose the four best trick, which is conducted by online voting). Take a look at the top four tricks from the event!

Source:  Red Bull  Video:  Youtube

30. 7. 2013 Comments: 0

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