Masters of What??? - Masters of Dirt!!!

Masters of Dirt is the World´s wildest and most thrilling Freestyle Motocross Show. It’s a unique concept combining the most dangerous action sports in one theatrical show. Over the past 11 years M.O.D has created in partnership with the world elite in the freestyle scene, show acts and show effects that the world has never seen before. A theatrically built show ensemble boosted by pyro effects, light show, the sexy fire show of the famous FuelGirls from the UK and with the perfect Show-Beats by M.O.D-Tour DJ Mosaken - the audience will have no time to rest. M.O.D continues the madness this fall, with stops in the Netherlands, Germany and Italy, and they are ready to rock those venues with never seen tricks! Check it out.

For years now, the freestyle scene has become more and more dangerous and breath taking for any audience. Cliff-hangers, Tsunamis, Tail Whips, Triple Tail whips, Back flips, Under flips, Front flips, Double Front flips,…and many more. “You name it, they can do it” - there are no limits for the Masters of Dirt. They have toured successfully for years selling out venues all over the world including South Africa, Poland, Austria, Malta, Cyprus, Ireland and many more.

If you want to see flying motocross bikes, mini bikes, BMX, quads, snowmobiles, cars and even Harley’s all over the place, the Masters of Dirt deliver. Freestyle Motocross riders from 4 different continents showcase their breathtaking skills over an unbelievable distance of 21 to 23m and height of 14m both side by side, in combination elements and in small contests. BMX riders impress with technical highlights like Tailwhips, Backflips, Frontflips and even Double Back- & Frontflips. Mini Bike (50ccm motorbikes) riders are the idols of the kids. Believe it or not but they will show some crazy upside down action too.

The highlights of the show and by far the most dangerous acts are the QUAD (200kg Freestyle Quadbike) and the SLED (300kg Snowmobile) both performing aerial stunts and even Backflips.

Founder and Show Director, Georg Fechter said:  “Our goal is to push the limits every year! Hold your breath when we come to your town – this is something you’ve always dreamed of but never seen before! …and that’s our secret to success: No Risk – No Reward!“

Save the date for upcoming European 2014 events:

13-14.09 - Austria - Messagelande Hollabrunn
19.09. Germany - Berlin, Max-Schmeling Halle (first time in Germany)
20.09. Germany - Hamburg, O2 World Hamburg
22.10. Italy - Milano, Mediolanum Forum, Assago
25-26.10. Italy - Pesaro, Adriatic Arena, Pesaro e Urbino

Photos: © M.O.D, copyright applied.


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