Riding Desert with Ronnie Renner

Caineville or often referred to as “Swingarm City” is a dirt bike heaven. Some of the best freestyle motocrossers come here to ride and jump some of the biggest natural jumps in the world. Caineville has open riding terrain with large, steep hills and drop offs, as well as technical single-track trails and ridge-line trails. One of the best MX riders in the US, Ronnie Renner takes his KTM to the Utah's desert while on his GoPro Freeride Tour.
18. 6. 2014 Comments: 0

Freestyle motocross icon Ronnie Renner is bringing the hills to the masses with his Freeride Tour. The multi-time X Games gold medalist joined by the popular camera company hit the road and head to the US best OHV spots. This time, Ronnie and his friends went big in Utah. Watch Ronnie getting upside down off some cliffs, natural terrain wall rides in this diverse and unique yet dangerous place.

18. 6. 2014 Comments: 0

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