World’s Most Extreme Freestyle Motocross Reveals its 2015 Calendar

Night of the Jumps will mark its 15th anniversary in 2015. The event premiered at the Riesa arena in 2001 and in the years that followed, it has developed into the world’s most extreme freestyle motocross series. From a sporting point of view, Night of the Jumps is the benchmark for everything to do with freestyle motocross and as a result, the official FIM FMX world champion has been determined within the context of the series since 2006. Competitions that count towards the freestyle MX European championship became a part of the series in 2011, so now the European champion is also crowned at the Night of the Jumps. The series provides authoritative rankings in freestyle motocross as well with its list of world class riders. Many premieres will feature on the tour schedule during this anniversary season, so fans across three continents can expect to see plenty of spectacular competition action.
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The anniversary year kicks off January 10th with the Night of the Jumps in Sofia. In view of the fact that this event is being carried over from 2014, it is not classified as a world championship contest but as an international event where riders can secure points towards their Night of the Jumps world ranking status.

NIGHT of the JUMPs 2015 Calendar:

International Events

10/01/2015  Sofia/BUL  15th anniversary                    

The FIM freestyle MX world championship season starts on the second weekend in March in the German capital.

FIM Freestyle MX World Championship

06/03/2015 Berlin/GER Round 1
07/03/2015  Berlin/GER Round 2
21/03/2015 Krakow/POL Round 3
28/03/2015 Tours/FRA  Round 4
10/04/2015  Basel/SUI Round 5
11/04/2015 Basel/SUI Round 6
23/05/2015 Jerez/ESP  Round 7
05/09/2015 London/GBR Round 8
03/10/2015 Shenzhen/CHI  Round 9
21/11/2015 Gdansk/POL Round 10
05/12/2015 City (tba) Round 11

Bullfighting Arena in Jerez

Freestyle MX European Championship

16/01/2015 Linz/AUT Round 1
17/01/2015 Linz/AUT Round 2
24/01/2015 Graz/AUT Round 3
25/01/2015 Graz/AUT Round 4
25/04/2015 Munich/GER Round 5
12/06/2015 Hamburg/GER Round 6
13/06/2015 Hamburg/GER Round 7

Riders will go head-to-head in Gdansk on 21st November, 2015, as they battle it out for the last set of world championship points but one.

All events will feature on YouTube, and television highlights from all contests will be shown in more than 140 countries. Stay tuned!

Photos: © NOFTJ


22. 12. 2014 Comments: 0

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