A Ride from Hell: Zak Maytum Goes Nuts Again

Yeah boy, this is how things are done. Well, this is how Zak Maytum gets it done; fast and without frills. As part of his ongoing Raw Run series, the Madrid's team rider went full-board on one of Colorado's fastest runs with speeds approaching 70mph (110 km/h). Just for a comparison, the world record is little over 80mph and dudes ride in leather. But Zak is an old punk and he literally flies down that hill, his flannel shirt flapping in the wind, and I wouldn't be surprised if his favorite heavy metal song played in his earphones while he was jetting that thing. The video of this epic thrill ride was filmed near Boulder, Zak's hometown so it's no surprise he stomped it like a boss. Some don't even like driving down the road, let alone bombing it on a longboard like Zak does. Sick!
24. 9. 2015 Comments: 0

Stay tuned for more downhill videos!

24. 9. 2015 Comments: 0

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