Dew Tour City Championships - Brooklyn, NY

For the first time in Dew Tour history, the championships is heading to the "Big Apple". As always, the organizers have prepared an authentic street course for the best skateboarders and BMX riders to let their imagination run riot. Combined with the Dew Tour Experience, and live music performances, Toyota City Championships makes it for an unforgettable experience. On top of that, a live Webcast will also make the third leg available to a global audience of fans.
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Celebrating its ten-year anniversary, the Dew Tour has added a streetstyle-focused event in Brooklyn, N.Y. September 20-21, showcasing skateboard and BMX at the two-day Toyota City Championships. This marks the first time the Dew Tour will hold an event in New York. Marking another year of progression for the property, the Dew Tour has confirmed the House of Vans as the venue for the skate and BMX street competitions in Brooklyn, with courses designed and constructed by renowned California Rampworks. Featuring custom designed and built features inspired by iconic NYC skate spots, the course will provide athletes with the chance to showcase their creativity and technical skills in an authentic street event.

Franklin Street


Streetstyle: The Dew Tour’s signature discipline created for both skateboard and BMX, the streetstyle course uses urban-inspired elements and settings to create a challenging downhill course on Franklin Street. The combination of ledges and rails with other street-style obstacles will bring out a variety of different lines and tricks as the athletes take on the course.

Street: The street course focuses on three individual sections that include top spots you find out on the streets brought into the House of Vans. The combination of hubba ledges, rails, banks and other features will challenge the athletes to showcase their best tricks and combinations.

The Dew Tour Toyota City Championships are completely FREE to attend; no tickets are available for purchase however, capacity is limited so competition viewing will be first-come first-serve.

Live stream via NBC Sports

Photos: © Dew Tour, copyright applied.


18. 9. 2014 Comments: 0

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