Downhill Skateboarding under the Full Moon

We haven't posted a skateboarding video for a while so when we found this treat, we were even more delighted. Riding at night is always a blast and who has never experienced it can never tell. However this video comes as close as it can get; the atmosphere has been captured very well thanks to the new technologies on the market. Of course this is another marketing tool manufacturers like to use to promote their stuff but it can't deny the fact that capturing a moment you are likely not to forget for your entire life is dead easy these days. The only thing you need to do this is......get on a board and capture it. So if you have a similar stunning video of yourself or your buddies bombing a hill send it to us and we'll show it to the rest of the world. As I said, it's dead easy.....
2. 12. 2015 Comments: 0

Riders: Mathieu Zeder, Johanne Grandjean, Pierre Hardillier, Greg Péré, Keven Le Ber, Jules Hornung and Maxime Sorek.
Photographers: Alban Pernet and Rémi Nguyen Cao.
Special thanks: Artiom Missiri, Ana Lowry, Lyde Begue, Diogo Costa and Roman Brunisholz.

2. 12. 2015 Comments: 0

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