Extraordinary Race 2014 - Beton on Fire

Have you ever wanted to try going down a bobsleigh track on a skateboard? Guys from SEBA, a skater’s owned brand with a cooperation with La Plagne ski resort have indeed and even pushed that idea a bit further. Since summer 2012, La Plagne is one of the two stages of the SEBA Beton on Fire event that attracts the world’s best in-line skate, long board, sledge and buggy rollin’ riders in a crazy timed race on the Olympic bobsleigh track. The fastest riders reach speeds of 103km/hr over the 19 bends and 1.5 km of concrete track with 8% incline. Check it out.
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The Beton On fire event is a circuit composed of several stages where the world's best downhillers of each discipline (rollerblades, skateboard, street luge and Buggy Rollin) are invited to compete against the clock. The first round took place at the Bobsleigh track of the City of Altenberg, Germany, putting on a great show involving strong heartbeat and adrenaline peaks. The main principle is simple, get down alive as quickly as possible. Sounds like a lot of fun don't you think?

La Plagne's bobsleigh track

No, it is not the Transformers movie fun club on a vacation, it's juts bunch of 
buggy rollin guys ready to go down

This year, over 35 competitors came from Switzerland, Germany, France, Russia & Italy to take up the challenge this past weekend at a legendary La Plagne's bobsleigh track located in the French Alps. And how did it all came out? It was a crazy weekend packed with a lot of adrenaline rush from which Moritz Norl of Germany came out victorious and secured himself  the overall first place with total of 538 points. Congrats!

La Plagne BOF 2014 Results

Inline Skating
1st : Moritz Norl (GER) (1'02'02) (won last year,
2nd : Kilian Braun (SUI) (1’03’’355)
3rd : Sébastien Rastegar (FRA) (1’04’’323)

New this year : Women’s category
1st : Marjorie Phlippoteau (FRA) (1'12'72) French & World champion in inline descent
2nd : Mathilde Monneron (FRA) (1'15”13) Word champion in skate cross & French champion in Bowl
3rd : Lucie Amand (FRA) (1’04’’323)

Long board
1st : Samuel GERBER (FRA) (1'11''40)
2nd : Danny STRASSER, (GER) (1'14”46)
3rd : Frédéric CHEVOPPE (FRA) (1'14”95)

1st  : Bertrand LORGNET (FRA) (55’’43)
2nd : Lucas Santo LAMAZZA (ITA) (53’’65)
3rd : Silvano PUPPIN (SUI) (56’’72)

Buggy Rollin  - no competition, only demonstration

happy Moritz Norl

Photos: © La Plagne, copyrights applied.

Source: http://www.betononfire.fr

21. 8. 2014 Comments: 0

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