Fise Malaysia - The Best Action Sports Event in the World?

Mark your calendars and get ready for action! The whole FISE World Series team will be in Malaysia from December 18 to 20, on Langkawi Island (Dataran Pekan Rabu) for the final stop of the FWS 2014.The best international athletes will be gathering over 3 days to compete in BMX, Skateboard, and Roller events. Due to its location, the Langkawi Island located off the coast of Kedah state, offering the best of many worlds: beautiful beaches, world- class infrastructure, mangroves rich in flora and fauna and now, freestyle action right in the heart of this dream location.
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Malaysia has become the first country in Asia to host FISE in its world series for 3 years starting 2014 until 2016 after winning the bid against 18 countries from all over the world.  Melaka, the first Asian FISE stop held in September highlighted the best aspect of what Malaysia has to offer in terms of extreme sports and tourism experience and FISE decided to follow in those footsteps and took the series to Langkawi this December.

But this isn't for the first time, the extreme sports hit Southeast Asia. Since extreme sports events started televising in Malaysia, the growth & awareness of these alternative sports has exploded into a phenomenon. In the mid 90s, every other kid would have a BMX, Skateboard or Rollerblades in their homes. The streets have always been the urban playground for these action sports enthusiasts, making it an underground movement for years with support of the few local skateshops in the city of Kuala Lumpur.

Come 2002, the Malaysian Government introduced a franchise of the biggest extreme sports event at the time to the public, holding the Asian X-Games at prominent locations in Kuala Lumpur and attracting participations from all over the region, including athletes from the United States of America & Japan.

Alongside, local municipals began developing facilities to accommodate the need of these action sports athletes. A lot of programs have been introduced to cultivate the sport & bring it up to the international level. However, that franchise departed this country after 2006, the community now needs to continue to build-on the platform that these event has provided over the years.

It’s been 7 years now, and FISE have grown bigger & stronger and most of people involved within the organization are making a living from this sport. It has grown to be an industry of its own here in Malaysia. Now more than ever, with the right mix of people; driven & passionate, the 2nd wave of Malaysian Action Sports scene begins…

Photos: © FISE


21. 11. 2014 Comments: 0

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