FISE World Chengdu is Back!

The FISE World Chengdu is back for a second edition in 2015 in a new location in the capital of southwestern China's Sichuan province. The event and its infrastructures will be indeed located in Nan Hu Park (Senyu Group) from October 16-18. It’s in the heart of this wonderful location that the FISE Universe will take place. There will also be a big novelty this year with the addition of a wakeboard competition to the Chengdu event. The other FISE disciplines will of course be present as well, like the Honor BMX contest, roller, skateboard and ICBC Mountain Bike Slopestyle contest. The best international riders will be there to give you an amazing show: this is the type of event you don’t want to miss!
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After a first successful edition in October 2014, the FISE (Festival International des Sports Extrêmes) organizers are back in China. The FISE World Chengdu, 2015 edition, will take place on October 16-18 and will be filled with even more athletic feats and international athletes than the first edition. This year, the festivities will be taking place on a new site as the FISE infrastructures will be installed in Nan Hu Park, in the new Tian Fu zone in Chengdu. The addition of a new discipline in the Chinese edition, Wakeboard, will also bring more athletes and spectators to the event. Amateur competitions will be taking place in all sports and people will also have the opportunity to come try wakeboarding.

The beautiful Nan Hu Parc will be welcoming hundreds of pros and amateur athletes coming from all over the world to compete in the 5 star-disciplines of the FISE: roller, BMX, skateboard, mountain bike and wakeboard. The first stop of the 2015 FISE World Series started in France (Montpellier) in May, China being the second stop of the tour. The 2015 Series will be wrapping up in Malaysia in December. New dates and destinations will be added on the 2016 world tour calendar. Stay tuned!

A few numbers:

  • 100 000 spectators
  • 250 athletes
  • 150 local riders

Photos: © FISE


14. 10. 2015 Comments: 0

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