FISE World Tour Crowned its Champion in Malaysia

The last stop of FISE World Series in Malaysia is a wrap. Langkawi Island saw over 200 registered riders to compete on Malaysia's ground for the very first time. And they put on a great show. Local talents, skateboarders Adam Zari and Koya Miyasaka were cheered by huge crowd as well as BMX rider Mohd Saiful Ariff and roller Azrul Hisham looking to make their mark in this competition and break into the international stage. However, everybody was impatiently waiting for BMX finals to decide the tour overall winner.

Alongside the thrills and jaw-dropping tricks by the athletes, spectators were treated to some thrilling music with DJ Mike Rock adding the excitement especially during the BMX events. Among amateurs were well known BMX stars including Daniel Dhers, five-time X Games gold medalist, Logan Martin known for his famous cork 720s or a young gun with a crazy style, Alex Coleborn.  Those three had very close scores but it was Logan Martin over Alex Coleborn and Daniel Dhers who won the BMX contest with an awesome run in the end. This however, wasn't enough to claim the overall title battle which Daniel Dhers emerged victorious from. Check out the best moments of the final FISE stop.

Skateboard Winners

1.Mohd Fikryzulkifly - 93pt
2.Stenman Mathias - 85pt
3.Sanggoe Darma Tanjung - 81pt

BMX Winners

1.Martin Logan - 91pts
2.Coleborn Alex - 90pts
3.Charveron Maxime - 88pts

Roller Winners

1.Jeerasak Tassorn
2.Adrien Anne
3.Grigoriy Lobko

Overall 2014 FISE World Tour Series Winner

Daniel Dhers

Photos: © Nazahat Hamilludin / Ameer Hakim


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