Freeride Ibardin 2014

The second edition of the Freeride Ibardin, a longboard downhill event organized on 11-12 October by Longboard Goats, a skateboard manufacturer from Spain, is one of those events that despite being small, are a lot of fun owing to its local community of riders and friends. Located in northern Spain close to French border, the 600 meters long track promises a true, constant flow all the way down. And that's what it's all about, isn't it?

The green and hilly side of Ibardin, a unique place just on the border between Spain and France will seduce you with its varied landscapes, combining sea and mountain. A perfect place to enjoy skateboarding in coexistence with nature - that's what probably run through guys' from Longboard Goats minds when discovering this hidden gem. More on the Ibardin from Mikel Irazoki, one of the organizers:

"From the beginnings of Goat longboards we wanted to organize at least one event a year, to let the riders from both sides of the border and anyone who wants to come, ride safe and fun on a very special place. The road is short but very complete with 10% medium slope and fun corners. we can make the lifts from outside of the circuit and this allows to make lot of runs along the event.  Past year we made one day event but this year we have two. Both days we have freeride and competitions to make the event more fun for riders and for the public. The finals of the King Of The Hill will be the second day. We invite to everyone who want to come to visit us and have fun in a very magic place".

The Freeride Ibardin welcomes riders to all levels to participate in various freeride and downhill events throughout the weekend rounded off with finals of  'King of the Hill', main race where the fastest riders will put Ibardin's ground to the test.

Photos: © GOAT, copyright applied.


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