HiTeg - An Underground Skateboard Downhill Race in South Africa

HiTeq, a skateboard downhill race that takes place in Grabouw, a mid-sized town located in the beautiful Western Cape province of South Africa is in its 8th year. It was previously organized by SAGRA (South African Gravity racing association) but due to great growth in the scene, Gabi Murray Roberts and crew from 78A are organizing HiTeq this year. HiTeg is a combination of Highrising and Houwteq, two races that coexisted at different times of the year. Both races will now happen over one weekend and are each ranked differently; Highrising classed as a National race, and Houwteq as a Regional race. Check it out.
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78A has relieved SAGRA from events organizing so that SAGRA can rather focus on legitimizing the sport and acting as the National Gravity sports body. 78A has decided to combine two existing events into one to make it more fun for the skaters and to avoid repetitiveness. As the location is not far from Cape Town, this event gathers most of its followers from the provincial capital and Stellenbosch area.

"This event is slightly different to our other events as we have a larger medic team available to attend to injuries that occur on the infamous "carnage corner". This event is known for injuries and big crashes. Spectators seem to enjoy this a lot", says the main organizer Gabi Murray Roberts. "We will have a vendor at the event selling boerewors rolls and refreshments. We have music playing, the smell of boerewors cooking, skating and good vibes in a beautiful nature setting, so come to join us!"

Carnage corner in action

Categories and Ages:

  • Junior 1 - under 14
  • Junior 2 - under 18
  • Open - 18 years and older
  • Ladies - all ages
  • Luge - all ages (skateboarders lying on their backs) (the rest are all standing up)
  • Masters - over 30 

How to access this event?

Highrising Complex - Grabouw: GPS Coordinates -34.229313, 19.143019; Its about 12km from Grabouw centre.

The turnoff to the event is on the N2. Just past Gordons country kitchen farm restaurant - there is a green municipal road sign indicating "high Rising" - once you turn into the road, pass a road boom and carry on straight with the winding road for about 5km until you approach the reception building of High Rising Satellite testing facility - they will allow you to enter and direct you accordingly. Entrance to this event is free of charge.

Source: http://www.78a.co.za/products/hi-teq-2015

30. 4. 2015 Comments: 0

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