Kilian Jornet won the Skyrunning World Cup the sixth time

Kilian Jornet is a real champion and the master of his discipline. He managed to win the Skyrunning World Cup the sixth time. He achieved such a great scores ahead of his competitors that there was no need to take part in the next race of the Skyrunning World Series in a mountain run on medium distances which took place this weekend under the iconic mountain view of Matterhorn, because he won the previous three races.
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Kilian Jornet, endurance mountain runner from Catalany continues his record in history of that sport.  During this weekend he managed to win again (the sixth time) the Skyrunning World Cup. There was even no need for him to take part in the Matterhorn Ultraks race, because there was no one to defeat him according to the total scores achieved by the International Skyrunning Federation records. He was already the winner of the whole Series 14 days ago whilst winning the Sierre Zinal race.

Photo: Salomon/Jordi Saragossa

Kilian has a really successful year recently. He collected the victories ín the Zegana  Aizkorri (Spain), Siere Zinal (Swiss), Marathon du Mont Blanc (France) or Hardrock Hundred Mile Endurance Run (USA). He tries again to achieve a new speed record of an ascent to Elbrus (the highest European peak – 5642 m) his trial last year failed due to extremely bad weather condition.

Kilian’s kit for Matterhorn Ultraks – as a mile fan and observer this time (Photo Kilian Jornet)

Jornet during the Hardrock 100 race: more than 10 ths meters of elevation difference and 160 kilometres of run through American wilderness (photo: Jordi Saragossa)

A video enclosed to the article gives us a closer view to the Hardrock 100 Race through the wilderness of Colorado – the victory went to Kilian this year breaking the former track record for 42 minutes.


1. 9. 2014 Comments: 0

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