Langkawi FISE World Series 2014 Hypes Malaysia Up

With upcoming Langkawi FISE World Series 2014 stop which will also round off the whole Series, guys at FISE sent three BMX representatives including Zack “Catfish” Yankush, Maxime Charveron and Mike Varga already to Malaysia. Those three, who have been there for a good 10 days now, were sent to Malaysia with the only aim; to embark on an epic 15-day journey across the country to find the perfect ride in the most original places before the finals start off.

With the trip culminating on Langkawi Island for the final stop of the Series, Fise sent a crew along to capture their crazy riding, and even crazier antics to get people even more hyped about the upcoming Langkawi FISE World Series 2014 event. The FISE is on Malaysian soil for the first time ever and will gather the best athletes in Roller Skating, BMX and Skateboarding for three full days. What can the town of Kuah on Langkawi Island expect? The biggest highlight of the event will be the great finals, which will determine who, between Daniel Dhers, Logan Martin or Alex Coleborn, will become the overall winner of the BMX comp. So mark your calendars, the city of Kuah will be hosting FISE Malaysia from December 18-20 and it promises to be once again an amazing show!

Check out the trailer: Road to FISE - Into the Unknown Ep.1 below

Photos: © FISE


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