NASS 2015 - Massive Extreme Sports Festival Returns to the UK

NASS is three days of raw music, action sports and party-hard living, fusing together 15,000 lovers of music, skate and BMX’ing to celebrate raw unadulterated youth culture. Praised for being removed from the average ‘festival culture’ idea and staying true and genuine to the scene, NASS not only features a stellar line-up of music acts, but the best action sports professionals from around the world.
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NASS has taken things to the next level for 2015. The line up of music and the headliners is the best it has ever been with lot of surprises. The most famous name in action sports, Tony Hawk, along with the Birdhouse Skateboard team, has been added to the lineup on Saturday, July 11th only. Tony and crew come to NASS as part of the Birdhouse European Vacation Tour.

First up will be a street skateboarding demo by the Birdhouse Team, featuring Ben Raybourn, David Loy, Clint Walker, Aaron “Jaws” Homoki and more. This will be followed by an all out assault on the vert ramp by Tony Hawk and Friends, featuring Tony, Lizzie Armanto, the legendary Kevin Staab and more.

Tony, the 12-time World Champion and first ever to land a 900 has taken notice of what is lined up for NASS and can’t wait to be a part of it. “I can’t wait to drop in for the crowd at NASS. Between the world class action sports line-up and the great music, NASS looks like a ‘can’t miss’ event,” says the legend.

Alex Coleborn, one of the best BMX riders today

Although NASS has already a pretty heavy riders list, it becomes even bigger day by day. "The rider line-up for the Nass contest this year has grown to be a heavy hitting bunch of some very well known names. It’s a predominately park based list, with riders such as Daniel Sandoval and Alex Coleborn really being on top of their game recently. Todd Meyn has been touring with Nitro Circus so couldn’t be better prepared for big tricks and big crowds. It will be interesting to see the return of Webby to Nass; he thrives off of a big crowd and has come back with a bang to the contest scene, never underestimate Mark Webb.

Although these are the big contest names, the likes of Isaac Lesser, Ben Hennon, Mike Curley and Jason Phelan always bring something a little different onto the course that will undoubtedly score well with the judges, they look for creativity and these guys a full of it. Finally, there are the guys that got their places through the qualifying rounds, they might be a little less experienced but they’ll be eager to impress and hungry to make an impact. I can’t wait to be shouting on the Mic and watching the craziness that will inevitably unfold,” says Seb Hejna, NASS 2015 Pro Contest MC.

On top of that, some of the most explosive live acts of the planet will get the crowd going throughout the epic weekend 10-12th July 2015. Enter Shikari, Public Enemy, Less Than Jake and others will rip apart the stage along with the biggest names the extreme sports have to offer giving it all will make your stay an unforgettable experience. Don't miss it!

Visit the NASS webpage for more and see who else is riding at NASS this year.

Photos: © NASS


12. 6. 2015 Comments: 0

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