Placed to Ride - A Skatepark Building Company with a Global Vision

With the latest two new skateparks finished in Puerto Rico and one in Austria, a premier skatepark design/build company called Placed To Ride is specializing in custom designed concrete public skateparks. The company CEO and a concrete guru Stefan Hauser, a man who has built many skateparks around the world, has been involved in the design and building of cutting edge skateparks, and continually seeks to advance the art. Notably the renown Stapelbäddsparken skate park the PTR crew built in Malmö, Sweden back in 2005 really stands out. And they show no signs of slowing down.
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Placed To Ride  was established in 2002 and has been a small firm dedicated to producing quality individualized parks since day one. Developing ideas from concept to final drawings, taking into consideration the local community and skateboarders’ input from the design meetings is just the beginning. If you are a serious skatepark builder, you must have the knowledge.

a concrete skatepark in the San Jose neighborhood of Quebradillas, Puerto Rico

skate plaza in San German, Puerto Rico

"In the process, we have worked extensively with local architects and engineers to develop building techniques sustainable in cold, as well as hot, climates", says Stefan.

A perfect example of public space utilization - Ralambshovsparken in Stockholm

Avesta park in Sweden was designed, as all should be, with the local skateboarder in mind

In the course of the last sixteen years, Stefan Hauser has been involved in the design and construction of many renown parks, including the original builds of Dreamland  (Lincoln City 1, Newberg,  Aumsville, The Cradle in Austria,  etc.). He established his own skatepark company, PTR, Inc. in 2002 building parks inside and outside USA. In the past decade the majority of Placed To Ride’s work has been in Sweden and Puerto Rico. And especially the Sweden's Stapelbäddsparken, renowed skatepark in Malmö seems to help to open the doors to other commissions.


The park, located in a newly developing upscale urban area, is recognized both for its ride-ability and its aesthetics. The largest bowlriding contest in the world, The Quicksilver Bowlriders, was held there for the first three consecutive years. The Malmo skatepark received both the 2007 Architectural Award from the Skane region of Sweden and the Construction Award of the City of Malmo. It has also been featured in several European Architectural magazines and books as an excellent example of how well such a sports facility can fit into an urban environment.  

Pure heaven: 2000 square meters of transitions, bowls, bumps, curbs, manual pads, stairs, rails and whatnot - Stapelbäddsparken in Malmö; Photo: © Nils Svensson

Photo: © Nils Svensson

"We also have a crew in Oregon where we have recently designed/built two smaller skateparks, Seaside and Cannon Beach. Presently, we are developing new parks in Puerto Rico near where our main offices are now located (PTR is originally an Oregon based company). We have also been doing new designs in Europe. The latest parks just completed, Barceloneta, Puerto Rico and Salzburg, Austria are all street plazas with separate bowls as these parks are extremely popular in the community", Stefan describes PTR's latest work.

another 'bowl rider' oriented gem - Seaside, Oregon, USA

We can only look forward what the PTR crew will do next. And it might be just as well as in your city! If you are a skate community living in a city without skatepark and feel you'd need one, feel free to contact Placed To Ride, they are willing and able to travel the extra distance to assist in your skatepark project anywhere in the world. More skateparks more fun!

Ever dreamed about having a private bowl stashed in your backyard? Let the PTR crew build you one; Photo: © Hanes Sautner

Photos: © PTR, inc.
Video location: Quebradillas skatepark


17. 2. 2015 Comments: 0

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