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Ramp-Riders is a skatepark building company that started 10 years ago in Ireland by an Irish BMX rider Frank Coggins. Since then, it has moved through all aspects of ramp construction from mobile ramps for shows and events, giant council and private funded skatepark projects to top professional competition courses throughout Europe in every field. Headquartered in Copenhagen, there are plenty of ramps and skateparks around this great city to grow on just anybody; from a novice to pros. So let's take a look what the capital and most populated city of Denmark has to offer.
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Eventually moving its headquarters from Dublin to Copenhagen, Denmark, Ramp-Riders became a Danish company made up of a great bunch of people who all share the same passion for ramp riding in their own individual discipline be it BMX, Inline and Skateboard. "This healthy mix of individuals is what makes our designs universal and sets us apart as we try to cater for all disciplines when we design… as this is the only right thing to do," says Frank Coggins, the Ramp-Riders CEO.

A bowl at Copehagen Royal skatepark.

"We can build parks in every material, timber, steel or concrete. Our designs and final products go beyond what standard ramp companies achieve. We believe in the art form of our work and choose to present our ramps like the true art forms that they are. We create details that exaggerate the shapes we create that also act as guide lines for high speed riding within those shapes. We liken park design especially bowl design to roller coasters. They are a poetic mix of physics, ramp riding experience and art," Frank continues.

Without doubt, the RR has been involved in some of the most iconic park builds around Europe in recent years. Here are a few examples of their work:

The Roskilde festival bowl is has a great shape with lots of lines both artistic and functional and serves as a permanent fixture embedded in a festival experience (editor's note: Roskilde Festival is the largest North European culture and music festival and has existed since 1971).

This is Europe`s largest static vert ramp built in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2012.

RR builds also skateparks in Spain. Club Euro Camp is a skatepark build next to a beach in Tossa de Mar, a Costa Brava village near Girona, less than an hour from Barcelona. It's set in paradise and absolutely worth the visit if you ever are in Barcelona. You can bring your kids and have a family holiday here (the ramp is located at a family resort) having a ramp session all day long. And the best thing of all is that the beach is just a 5 min walk away from the park!

But back to Denmark. Hall12 in Roskilde, a city located 30 km west of Copenhagen has a bowl built more with simple lines than the more complicated ones in mind. "This is not so much the roller coaster bowl we prefer to build and design but it was what the client wanted.  We never force our opinion on anybody but we do build the best ramp no matter who designs it," adds Frank.

Another RR's gem, Flipside, is a 2.500 sqm indoor skatepark with a foam pit and Resi area located in Lista, southern Norway, similar to the renowned Woodeward concepts.

Smooth and fast looking bowl is Flispside's pride.

PORT4130 was built in alliance with the Copenhagen BMX Association and RR. "This is the skatepark that we have always wanted to design and build. It  has everything a park should have, Resi ramps, gigantic bowls, a street course that is second to nobody here in Denmark, and an ocean view terrace," says Frank. If you are in Copenhagen, the skatepark is located at Refshalevej 189, 1432 København K, Copenhagen, Denmark.

the ocean view terrace

Photos: © RR

Source: http://www.ramp-riders.com

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