Roman Abrate Makes History - Worlds First Double Bio 900°

The Vendee Freestyle Session, an event dedicated to extreme sports taking place this past weekend in France. Over 15,000 attended the second volume of this freestyle event that aims to bring extreme sports closer to young people as well as the uninitiated. There was something for everyone; from BMX, Roller Skates, Scooters to Flatland and even an acrobatic ring performances. The Biggest Highlight of that evening however came from French roller skater Roman Abrate as he pulled off the impossible, first ever Double Bio 900°.

Apart from nowadays widely popular extreme sports such as BMX  or Roller Skates, all eyes were on artistic shows. The best athletes in conjunction with artists from all over the world showed the audience how can alternative sports interconnect with an urban art.

Roman Abrate pulling off the first ever Dub 900

But the crowd-puller was without a doubt French Roller Skater Roman Abrate. For the first time ever, on occasion of The Vendee Freestyle Session, he pulled off the impossible;  Double Bio 900. He landed it and became the first rider  in the history of aggressive skating to do it so in a competition. Although some say it didn't count as he touched the floor with his hand, nobody can't take it from him, he nailed it.

World First - Roman Abrate - Double Bio 900°

The Vendee Freestyle Session 2015 - Highlights

Photos: © Maxime-Hillairaud


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