SFR FISE Xperience - Nantes 2014

SFR FISE XPERIENCE has been touring all over France for the last 7 years, stopping in cities like Marseille, Reims, Canet, Besançon and Paris. On 20 and 21 September, 2014, the tour stops in Nantes, the most liveable city in Europe. A big show is guaranteed as the best rollerblades, skaters, and bikers from all over Europe will push their limits on 20,000m2 playground. Nonstop action, free to test products and disciplines, exhibitions and more. As always, those who can't be on site, the finals will be broadcasted live. More in the article.

SFR FISE XPERIENCE SERIES is a national extreme sports championship consisting over 6 stops at which the riders accumulate points trying to get the highest overall score possible. Each stop awards the best riders and those who astonishes everybody with skills that lead to a sponsorship contract. The event is held at the Parc des Expositions, a site specially designed for trade shows and various exhibitions due to its extensive area packed with halls and vast outdoor spaces, perfect for such purposes.

More information available at The finals will be broadcasted live on MCS Extreme and here

SFR FISE XPERIENCE Nantes 2014 Schedule:

Saturday - 20 September - Qualification

11h15 11h45 BMX Junior
11h45 12h20 Skateboard Junior
12h10 12h50 Roller Junior
13h20 14h45 Skateboard Amateur
13h20 14h40 BMX Amateur
14h45 15h30 MTB Pro
15h10 16h10 Roller Amateur
15h40 16h40 Skateboard Pro
16h40 17h40 BMX Pro
17h40 18h10 MTB Pro
18h10 19h00 Roller Pro

Sunday - 21 September - Finals

11h20 11h45 BMX Junior
11h30 11h50 Skateboard Junior
12h10 12h30 Roller Junior
12h45 13h10 Roller Girl
13h40 14H20 BMX Amateur
14h20 15h00 Skateboard Amateur
14h50 15h30 Roller Amateur
15h00 15h40 MTB Pro
16h00 17h00 BMX Pro
17h00 17h40 Skateboard Pro
17h40 18h30 Roller Pro

Photos: © FISE, copyright applied.


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