Sheffield Adventure Film to Show More Films than Any Other Adventure Festival Anywhere in the World

2015 marks Sheffield Adventure Film Festival’s 10th birthday. On the one hand things have changed enormously. It's a different beast now to what it was back then. On the other it's essentially still the same thing - a weekend of amazing film celebrating everything that's good about the outdoors. This year there's a record number of best adventure, extreme sports and travel films handpicked from all over the world - 118 in total!
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One reason for ShAFF to have such a big number of movies this year is the fact that lots of filmmakers have fully embrace the internet and are producing shorter films as a result. That's a bonus for anybody heading to the festival as you get more variety, but it's a lot of work behind the scenes building the programme, the website, and the actual compilations of films to screen. 

Film: Beyond The Drop; Photo: © Lane Jacobs

It's ten years since he started ShAFF. Matt Heason, the Festival Director started it to create slick, multi-media, digital presentations to excite, entertain and inspire audiences around the country. Now attracting 3,000+ visitors, 100% of the audience said they'd come again and recommend it to a friend. Over the past 3 years ShAFF trailers have had more than 250,000 views between them. 

Film: Patience; Photo: © Jen Randall

Film: Signatures; Photo: © Jan Kasl

So what can you expect this year?  "My two favorites this year are both feature-length. First up is a film that we almost showed last year, but couldn't. Dam Nation isn't strictly speaking about adventure or sport, but it carries a very strong environmental message as it tackles the issue of damming rivers in the US. Great photography, beautiful music, engrossing narration, and a message we should all know about make it a great way to spend an hour and a half at the festival," says Matt Heason.

A Marathon that in 25 years only 10 People Have Finished

"The second is The Barkley Marathons. If you've not heard of this race in the States, watch this film before googling it. You are in for a treat.  Organised by a sadistic hill-billy (I'm sure he wouldn't mind me describing him like that!), it's reputed to be one of, if not the, toughest trail races on the planet. A very well made film packing in a very large dose of black humour and drama to boot," Matt continues.

For climbing fans, the third feature length film that the festival is showing this year is Valley Uprising. The movie has won Best Film at most of the festivals it's screened at. Valley Uprising is the latest offering from Sender Films and offers an in depth look at that the development of rock climbing in Yosemite Valley. It's a fair description to term this the 'Riding Giants' of the climbing film genre.  (Sheffield writer John Horscroft has previewed it and says: “If you only see one film at SHAFF, make it Valley Uprising.” 

Aside from the films and talks there is going to be Cycle Touring Forum, Tech Forum, Filmmaking Masterclass, ShED Talks, Wilderness Weekends with Wanderlust Magazine and more.

Danny MacAskill in da House

This year, the festival is being graced with the presence of one of the biggest name in the world of adventure sport.  Professional street trials rider, Danny MacAskill, will be doing a free Q&A and signing as part of a special ‘A Life Through Moving Image’ film session from 15.00 to 17.00 Sunday 22 March at Cityscape Cinema’s big screen at the amphitheatre above Sheffield train station.

Danny MacAskill; Photo: ©  Red Bull Media House


It's going to be a good weekend! So mark your calendars; on 20-22 March, the Showroom Cinema in Sheffiled, UK is a place to be! 


13. 3. 2015 Comments: 0

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