Skateistan Continues to Expand

Skateistan had an exciting year in 2014. Girls and boys are now able to skate outdoors for the first time with the opening of their new skate plaza in Mazar-e-Sharif. Pro skater Jamie Thomas visited their two skate schools in Afghanistan, the world's first skate ramp tuk tuk was built in Cambodia and Skateistan also took their programming to the African continent for the first time. Plans and preparations are now being made to start construction on Skateistan’s newest skate school in the center of Johannesburg, South Africa. By the end of 2014, Skateistan had over 1100 regular students each week, across three countries, with over 40% female participation. And that's an impressive figure given the involved countries background. Great job Skateistan!
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Skateistan has big plans for the next three years. By the end of 2017 they will reach 3000 youth each week with their programs. In order to ensure they reach more of the world’s most vulnerable children, they will expand their current activities at their existing skate schools, as well as begin work at two new locations in the countries where they are already located.

"Most astounding have been the journeys and stories of the individual students that have attended our programs. Many of them have gone on to represent their communities or countries to the rest of the world. Others have taken on leadership roles within the organization. They have all become role models. I am excited to see what more they will achieve in the years to come. And to think, Skateistan’s first project in Kabul only turned five in 2014!"

                                                                      - Oliver Percovich, Skateistan Founder & Executive Director

In 2015, Skateistan will be looking to continue building on its experience to increase the independence and stability of the local staff teams while maximizing the reach and accessibility of the organization’s programs to young people. It will strengthen community ownership, especially at the youngest projects. But Skateistan couldn't do this without you. If you want to support what Oliver and the rest of the team are doing, the best way is to donate. Check their website for more.

2014 was an incredible year in terms of expanding the Skateistan community among Afghan, Cambodian and South African youth. Skateistan’s achievements would not be possible without the valuable commitment of supporters worldwide, donors, sponsors and the Skateistan team. More than 1100 youth each week benefit from the educational opportunities and fun of skateboarding. In today's world where nations face war and refugee crisis make European leaders scratch their heads, Skateistan has long come with a solution......

Photos: © skateistan


5. 10. 2015 Comments: 0

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