Winter Challenge XII Off-Road Triathlon - More than Flat Land Racing

Mark your calendars folks. The date for the 12th annual Winter Challenge Off-Road Triathlon has been set! For those among you who have yet to experience the bliss of the Winter Challenge, prepare for all kinds of different terrain… mud, swamp, single track, and a lot of fun. Located in a beautiful and unique settings you've ever raced for, Dome Farms in Springfield, USA offers countless miles of diverse off-road trail plus a 75-acre pond where you will get your paddle on.
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Winter Challenge is a great start to a new season to get you going in the beginning of the year when you really don't want to get out and train. It's not by any means easy but it's a lot of fun. Not to mention  the fellowship of the Winter Challenge and the post race festivities lending themselves to camaraderie found at few other venues.

But don't mistake friendship for lack of competition. While many athletes are here to race against themselves, there are more than a few die hard enthusiasts who gas up the race with some serious skills, raising the stakes to a surprisingly high level of competition! Rivalry is always in the air, and getting your name on the Trophy Cup is a matter not to be taken lightly.

So what can you expect this year?


As always, the main event at the Winter Challenge is an off-road triathlon consisting of a 7-Mile Trail Run, a 6-Mile Kayak, and a 10-Mile Mountain Bike.   

Triathlon Relay

For those interested in teaming up, a Relay option will be available, allowing you to compete as a 2 or 3 person team. And if you're having trouble finding a teammate, give WC team a shout and they'll do their best to pair you up with someone. Even better, give a shout out on WC's Facebook page, and you're sure to find some takers.


The Winter Challenge also features a Duathlon consisting of 6 miles of Trail Running and 8 miles of Mountain Biking.  The Duathlon course is broken into three segments -- a 2.25 mile run, followed by an 8-mile bike, and finishing with a 3.75 mile run to the finish, all based on a shortened version of the Triathlon route. This has proven to be a popular option among those not ready to tackle the kayak leg.

warm and delicious food will be served on site

The Winter Challenge Location:

Dome Farms
Hwy 39 & New Forest Road
Between Springfield & Williston, SC 

Photos: © Winter Challenge


9. 1. 2015 Comments: 0

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