Mayday 2014 - Spring Freeskiing in Costumes

The spring breaks are the best. Not only it's warm, compared to the winter months but if you fall down it doesn't hurt, at least not that much. One of the craziest and bests spring breaks were held on the first week of May, the annual "Mayday" taking place at Pyhä Ski Resort in Finland. First Mayday was held in 2011 and (strangely enough) exceeded everybody's expectations. If you are into wearing a strange costume, this might be your thing. Plus, nobody party like people from Finland. Slush, smiles and sunshine - that's what Mayday is all about!

Finland has many old and wonderful traditions. This is not one of them. It's the annual costume contest a the Pyhä ski resort which features all type of ridiculous get ups and some awesome freeskiing. From twin vikings to mankinis, and gimp suits these dudes know how to end to the season in style - freaky style but so much fun! Check out the gallery!

Photo credit: Teemu Heljo & Joonas Eloranta

5. 6. 2014 Comments: 0

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