Real Ski Backcountry Video Contest 2014

Following on the success of the 2013 showing, X Games presents again "Real Ski Backcountry 2014," a freeskiing contest filmed entirely in the backcountry. 7 of the world's best skiers have released their parts for you to choose the final four. Last year winner, Sammy Carlson is again in the last seven accompanied by Wiley Miller, Jacob Wester, Joe Schuster, Sam Favret, Dane Tudor and Tim Durtschi. Is he going to reign supreme?
5. 9. 2014 Comments: 0

Seven of the world's best backcountry freeskiers have submitted 90-second video parts for a shot at X Games gold. Medals will be awarded by a panel of judges on ABC's "World of X Games" show on Sept. 14. You can view all the parts by going to ESPN website here where you can also vote by clicking the twitter icon. 

Check out Sammy Carlson's triumphant edit from last year.

5. 9. 2014 Comments: 0

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