Tanner Hall Goes Bananas

Although, the winter seems over in our calendars, we simply want to share this with you. Tanner Hall, a professional skier traveled to British Columbia to have some fun riding with his buddies. Tanner's edit was shot during the main season in BC whilst Tanner had some time to rest in between competitions. And it looks he didn't rest much, the guy was on fire! Watch Tanner launching off one of the biggest drops of his life. And we all know how crazy this dude is.
22. 5. 2014 Comments: 0

"I 've been up in BC for almost a month now (January) and life is real good up here! Skiing almost every day and having the best time! We have the illest crew up here righ now; Mike Hornbeck, Daniel Ronnback, Jacob Wester, Ian Provo, Neil Provo, Corey Stanton, Pete Alport and Jess are all here. I'm stoked on life and skiing. The body is feeling so good. It's nice to just be able to focus on my skiing and be out of the contest scene," Tanner sums up his trip at his blog.

Check out the video. Pure adrenaline. Hearing Tanner, one of the craziest skiers out there shouting for joy after landing, we reckon the drop was BIG.

22. 5. 2014 Comments: 0

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