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Icarus Bungee - 22 years of Pure Adrenalin

21. 2. 2015
Icarus Bungee might not be your average bungee operator. Many commercial places have seen a quick profit in bungee as the sport or whatever you call it kept rising in popularity (yes, I am talking about amusement parks here), but there are still those who stick to the roots. Icarus, a bungee…


Bungee Masters from Amboy, Washington

13. 2. 2015
The highest official bridge jumping in the US located in Amboy, Washington should be definitely on your bucket list. The jump site spans a beautiful valley, which makes the perfect scene as you plummet to the majestic sparkling river below. Operated by Bungee.com, one of the first commercial…


Bungy Nepal - Bungy Jumping Specialist in Kathmandu

2. 1. 2015
Bungy Nepal is arranged in Kathmandu Nepal, Who Were in Bungy Jumping pro. Bugny Nepal Brings diffrent sorts of stunning exprencies for Their young voyagers. They brought` the likewise the International Student Identity Card (ISIC) Which Helps understudy to get less expensive filghts.


Orlando Towers Bungee - Electrifying Experience

28. 8. 2014
Based around the old coal fired Orlando Power Station built between 1939 - 1955 in Soweto, South Africa that collapsed on 25 June this year, being currently demolished, is the world's first bungee between the two cooling towers that serve the both, artistic and entertaining purposes. This prominent…


Taupo Bungy & Cliffhanger - Scenic Beauty

17. 7. 2014
Open 364 days of the year, the Taupo Bungy located at Taupo, New Zealand is one of those bungee sites surrounding by stunning scenery and natural beauty. Addition to the 47 meters high bungee, which makes it NZ's highest water touch bungee, is the "Cliff Hanger", an extreme swing one can reach…