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Adrex Base Camp

Unique test centre and material rental in one

We offer a broad scale of outdoor equipment, which you can, not only, test at our place but also get directly involved in the only really independent and objective evaluation.

Unique test centre for outdoor sports.
We rent climbing material, ferrata sets, custom-built bikes, water sports equipment, backcountry skis and many more accessories.

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Unique application of sports sites

Application capabilities:

  • Database of tens of thousands attractive sites
  • Verification of the sites and evaluation
  • Detailed information about the site
  • Photo gallery and video locations
  • Navigation to the site

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Most interesting extreme sports videos

Endless influx of new videos and documents from the world of adrenaline and outdoor sports. New videos everyday which we collect on the entire Internet for you.

Follow and you no longer need follow any other on-line sports channel.

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Adrex Ice Wall

Unique ice walls in Vír and Liberec

In 2008, we opened the first artificial ice wall in the Czech Republic in the small municipality of Vír in the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands. The 45-metre tall wall is the highest ice fall in the Czech Republic and generally the highest man-made ice formation in Europe.

In 2013, we shall start the second project in a row, which is the only ice arena in Liberec in North Bohemia.