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The Group

Adrex is the synonym for outdoor and extreme sports

Adrex Base Camp

Adrex Base Camp

The Adrex Base Camp is a unique all-in-one test centre and rental of outdoor equipment.
Application Adrex Places

Application Adrex Places

Unique interactive database of recommended sites for outdoor sports from all corners of the world.


Internet portal focused on the most interesting videos from the world of adrenaline and extreme sports.
Unique Ice Wall

Unique Ice Wall

Man-made ice wall in Europe, which to date serves as the only training ground for mountain climbers from the whole Czech Republic. More about the Adrex Group.

The world of extreme sports

Welcome to the international web portal, the largest website worldwide for extreme, adrenaline and outdoor sports. We bring y completely new viewpoint on the three basic dimensions of our planet - earth, water, air, through the optics of activities, which were already recently considered as dangerous equipment for a narrow group of enthusiasts.

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Base Camp

Unique test centre and material rental in one. We offer a broad scale of outdoor equipment, which you can, not only, test at our place.

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Forest Resort

Reconstruction of the first republic villa, cultivation of the surrounding terrain and creation of a pleasant public environment with exquisite views into the surrounding landscape.

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