CZECH ICEMAN - The Journey of an Ice Man

Cold hardening is a historical tradition in the Czech Republic, and it wasn’t until this winter that it became literally a new “National Sport.” However, exposing yourself to cold has its rules, the most important one being gradually and responsibly. Thanks to this rule, you can boost your immune system and take advantage of the maximum benefits that cold brings. And who else should be your mentor and guide than the Czech record holder, professional freediver, and a hardy man, David Vencl.

David Vencl is currently preparing to try to break the Guinness World Record in the under-ice swim. He plans to beat both the world-famous Wim Hof ​​and Stig Severinsen and swim a distance of 80 meters only in a swimsuit and swimming goggles. This win would place him among the best and most famous hardy men in the world. You can follow his journey to the record together with the timer counting down the time remaining until the record attempt at For hardy people to be in water with a temperature close to zero for a few minutes doesn’t pose any problem and for a free-diver to swim more than 80m without fins is not a big thing either. So, we will all watch David’s record attempt with bated breath!

The goal of the Czech Iceman project is not just to break the Guinness and world record in ice diving on a single breath. My next goal is to guide and help you overcome your limits and fears and achieve goals and desires. Of course, I focus primarily on working with cold, breathing, and non-breathing, but also on working with the head. We often set limits only in our own heads, and often the goals are set way lower than what our bodies are really able to do. That’s why it doesn’t end with cold and breathing,” shares the broader project concept, David.

If you want to join us to follow the journey of the ice man step by step, together with the record holder David Vencl and Cold therapy experts, Veronika Allister and Libor Mattuš, who are behind the CODE OF LIFE project, we are preparing info on several cool places in the Czech Republic where cold hardening is really worth trying. How do you find these places? Easy! Just use our app Adrex Places. Since the app already contains many spots for various activities around the world, you can easily filter by sports, place, names, etc. Spots for cold hardening recommended by David and his team will bear the “CZECH ICEMAN” certification in the name, and you’ll be able to rate, comment on them, add photos and videos.  

The “Journey of the Ice Man” impressed us so much that we will dedicate a lot of space to it on Adrex :)


You can follow the journey of the ice man at Instagram

David Vencl:

Photo: Czech Iceman

Text: Jan Allister and Adrex

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