Hang Gliding over Florida Keys Waters with Scot Trueblood

Being towed aloft by the custom Aircraft Carrier is just the beginning of Adrex.com´s next hang gliding adventure story. When your altitude is reached, the towline is released, and you soar like a bird above the splendid scenery, gliding effortlessly and slicing through the sky like a Superhero. With Paradise Hang Gliding, Inc., the fun is much more than flying. You also get a great day of boating and wildlife spotting in the waters of Florida Bay and the sparkling Straits of Florida.

Scot Trueblood

Owner and Tandem Instructor Scot Trueblood has been flying hang gliders for over 34 years, and flying tandem over water since 2004. He has been organizer and/or director of several prestigious hang gliding competitions such as the U.S. National Speedgliding Championships, 2001 & 2002, the Red Bull Wings Over Aspen Speedrun, 2000 & 2001, and the Jackson Hole Aeroextreme 2000 & 2002. He has won or placed in a number of hang gliding competitions since 1981, and has flown over 1000 hours in dozens of different glider types, at sites from coast to coast in the United States. His articles and photographs have appeared in the pages of Hang Gliding Magazine on a number of occasions. He has all Special Skills endorsements on his rating card, and is a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer as well. His love of the sea & sky, and for hang gliding in the Florida Keys, are evidenced by his passion for sharing them with others.

Paradise Hang Gliding Lessons

For those who wish to continue their personal quest into the wild blue, Paradise Hang Gliding, Inc. offers a comprehensive package of USHPA Certified Instruction & Flight Training. They are the only operation in Florida offering year-round tandem instruction over the safety net of soft saltwater.

Paradise Hang Gliding Location

Located at the popular Whale Harbor Marina next to their 3 great restaurants, and numerous other charter & watersports businesses. They operate daily, weather permitting. Reservations are recommended, but they are happy to accommodate you if you just walk right up.  The string of islands known as the Florida Keys is surrounded by the sparkling turquoise waters of the Florida Bay and the Straits of Florida, lush tropical foliage, meandering waterways among the mangroves, and a patchwork quilt of spectacular homes and canals make for unforgettable scenery here.

Contact: Paradise Hang Gliding Inc. , 83413 Overseas Highway, Islamorada, FL  33036, USA

Phone:  1-888-WINGS-FL or  239-293-2891.

For additional information just go to:     www.paradisehanggliding.com

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Source:  Paradise Hang Gliding, Inc. website and FB profile  Thanks to Mary Ann Crist. Images are property of  Paradise Hang Gliding Inc.  Video:  Youtube

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