Hang Gliding Rio de Janeiro - Glides from Pedra Bonita, Rio, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro is a wonderful city. In fact, it`s one of the most beautiful and fun cities on earth. Carnival, breathtaking beaches, forests, magnificent architecture, excellent restaurants and night life are here, waiting to be enjoyed. But only a fraction of Rio´s visitors realize that the city has also a great potential when it comes to outdoor activities. Instead of just visiting it, tourists can interact with nature, whether it`s hiking, climbing, zip lining in Tijuca Forest, paragliding or hang gliding. We´d prefer to start Adrex.com´s Rio adventures just with the flights over its wonderful beaches.
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Already from the actual photographs of the city it is evident, that there are several suitable peaks with the necessary height for flying. But most of them are so big tourists attractions that with the amount of visitors it is impossible to operate flights and glides here. Therefore, Hang Gliding and Hang Gliding Tandem Flights take place in Pedra Bonita, a beautiful mountain located in São Conrado area, just 20 minutes from Copacabana. Only a handful of Rio´s visitors know of this beautiful hill a even fewer have decided to climb its granite top. Views from Pedra Bonita are breathtaking indeed and putting yourself in the air will make your experience even more exciting. The place is fitted with a suitable wooden runway, big enough to provide a fine track for your take-offs. From Pedra Bonita the main landing area is Sao Conrado beach (following by Ipanema). The leading Hang Gliding operator in the area is Rio´s well-known outdoor specialist Rio Adventures. Adrex.com recommends Rio Adventures as a safe and reliable team.

As for the Hang Gliding Tandem Flights, no previous experience is required since the instructor takes control of the whole flight while you`ll be experiencing one of the world´s most scenic glides. For your safety, Rio Adventures work with pilots, who have over 20 years of experience and are certified by the Brazilian Hang Gliding Association.

High season is the busiest time of the year in Rio, so expect the limited number of flights you can take per day. We strongly recommend to book the flights for that period well ahead of time. Another suggest is to avoid dates between December  30th and January 2nd , as well as the Rio de Janeiro´s Carnival week. The ramp over Pedra Bonita is the ONLY ramp available for tandem flights in Rio and number of flights can triple and sometimes quadruple, which can make the waiting frustrating and exhausting for both customer and pilot.

Rio Adventures is an adventure tour operator that has been around since 2001, managed by a team of "locals" that know exactly what travelers and outdoor enthusiasts are looking for, when coming to Rio. They are focused in outdoor activities and adventure sports. You may choose to go up to Sugar Loaf by cable car, no problem in that, they will surely take you up there. But they will be much more pleased  if you decide to get up there by walking, or even rock climbing.

To get more information on Rio de Janeiro adventures go to:  www.rioadventures.com  ‎

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Source:  Rio Adventures website   Thanks to Art Steele.  All images are property of Rio Adventures. Video: Youtube

20. 7. 2013 Comments: 0
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