Antandroy - A Must See Kiteboarding Movie

This is quite old but it is still great. Antandroy is a tale of people of the thorns whom a group of kiters who had arrived in the remote Madagascar village of Lavanono met. They shared their experience of kite surfing the most beautiful spots in the area with the village people and in turn the village opened their doors and invited in the travelers, sharing their customs and way of life. It's breathtaking to see the movie on a big screen so mark your calendars and go see it as well as bunch of other great documentaries at the International Ocean Film Tour held in London, UK on October 25!
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Antandroy is more than a kite trip, it's a timeless journey. Before leaving, Madagascar was just a wave and some wind. But once in Lavanono, there is much more than that, a discovery was made and an extraordinary people met: the Antandroy, the people of the thorns. That's how the story goes in this incredible mix of kitesurfing, surfing, and SUP in one of the most beautiful locations in the world. The Antandroy (their name means "people of the thorns")  are a traditionally nomadic ethnic group  living in southernmost Madagascar. Featuring pro riders Raphaël Salles, Etienne Lhote, Rémi Quique, Mika Fernadez and Robinson Hilario, the film that is has just over 24 minutes in length, showcases jaw-dropping footage in this remote spot of the world along with great interaction between the surfers and the Atandroy people.

If you are not from the UK or do not want to travel to the International Ocean Film Tour, which by the way is a great movie festival and you should not miss it, the movie can be downloaded or watched for free at the official Antandroy website. 


22. 10. 2014 Comments: 0

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