Nick Jacobsen's Crane Jump from 40 Meters

If you are watching the PKRA Tour, Nick Jacobsen, from Denmark is one to watch. Known of his crazy moves, he likes to go big. found a video edit of Nick climbing up a shipwreck crane in Table View Bay in South Africa near Cape Town with his board and his kite in the air. According to Nick, climbing the crane was the scariest thing he's ever done. "The thing was not made for climbing and that made it very dificult to climb... specially with a kite above your head," he adds. Check it out.
17. 9. 2014 Comments: 0

What's even better about it is the story behind the act. Nick's camera gear got stolen (with all the footage) out of his car, half an hour after the stunt, and the only footage was from a cellphone his friends made so the next morning Nick decided to jump the crane again....

Editor's note: Nick was probably the last and only to kite jump from the Turkish vessel Seli 1 wreck as it was blown up as part of a plan to get rid of the unsightly debris off a Cape Town beach.

17. 9. 2014 Comments: 0

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