Christmas Boogie - The Best Boogie that Skydive Spain Has Ever Had!

After positive feedbacks that Skydive Spain receives year after year after their annual Christmas Boogie, an irresistible impulse to make the next event bigger and better than ever before is always the powertrain in doing so and this year will be no exception. One of the best Europeane dropzones located at Aerodromo La Juliana, about 20 km southwest of Seville, Spain is in full swing as preparation for one of the biggest skydiving gatherings have already started. Everybody is welcomed and you should check it out; not only will you jump all day from 15,000 feet - the highest you can drop off in Europe - but get to participate with world class champions as well.
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Many of you must be still buzzing after last year's boogie that was a massive success, seeing people arrive from just about every European country and even from as far away as the USA. Well, according to Skydive Spain, this year's Christmas Boogie is to be the biggest and best boogie ever. Three Dorniers will be available throughout the whole event, taking you up to 15,000 ft in 13 minutes. And that's the quickest you can get up there around these parts.

As always, there is no registration fee (you only need to fill in an online form from a link that you'll find below) and a jump ticket starts from only as little as 22,50 Euro! Other than that, nothing else is required, you just have to come by and have time of your life. Spanish sun, lots of parties, affordable accommodation, rental car, great local food and huge amount of fun, that and more awaits you in Spain this December.

Load Organizers confirmed so far and still counting.......

Domi Kiger (FF)
Marius Sotberg (FF)
Marco Arrigo (FS)
Dani Roman (FF/WS)
Marie Sjödin (FF)
Adam Dare (FF)
Simon Wanderler (WS)
Kim Törnwall (FF)
Ewan Cowie (Camera)

So what better wait to celebrate Christmas time than to meet and fly with various skydivers from across the globe in such a great atmosphere. Don't miss it, it's only one month away! To help organizers get everything ready for divers in best way possible they need to know in advance how many people will attend. If you haven´t registered yet (again, it's free) please follow this link, fill in your information and send it to Skydive Spain crew.

Photos: © Skydive Spain unless stated otherwise

Skydive Spain Christmas Boogie 2014:


25. 11. 2015 Comments: 0
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