The First Wingsuit 12-ways Above Chamonix

This happens when a group of one of the best wingsuiters meet at one of the best wingsuit locations, Chamonix, France. This Summer, Sam Hardy, Noah Bahnson, Soul Flyers' Vince Reffet, Rudy Cassan, Carlos Pedro Briceño, Nathan J. Jones, Project : BASE's Graham Dickinson, Scott Paterson, Scotty Bob, Will Kitto, Seb Brugalla and Julien Millot got this great idea of flying all together over Aiguille du Midi, Mont-Blanc Massive to form a 12-way formation while having fun. All was documented by Supersize Films crew and the result is great. Check it out.
24. 9. 2015 Comments: 0

Stay tuned for more wingsuit videos!

24. 9. 2015 Comments: 0
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