Masters of Dirt Kills it Big Time in France

I like MOD. I like the crew a lot. It's because their videos are so pumped up with energy. It never gets old - the guys seem to always have a killer time! This time, the Masters of Dirt founder Georg Fechter invided the FMX as well as MTB riders to Royal Hills Experience in south France to unleash hell and by the look at the edit that has recently come out from MOD, you can tell the riders had a blast. Enough words, check it out!
9. 5. 2015 Comments: 0

Mr.Fechter killed again it when he invited Ales Rozman, Kevin Ferrari, David Rinaldo, Remi Bizouard, Kai Haase and even BMX rider Desmond Tessemaker to Royal Hills Experience in south France. In one week the riders had the chance to shred 50 hectares MX grounds. A one of a kind experience! 2 Motocross, 2 Super cross, a motocross park with different freestyle ramps and many kilometers of Enduro tracks where provided exclusively for the MOD Team. Enjoy!

9. 5. 2015 Comments: 0

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