World's First: Thomas Pagès Lands a 540 Alley-Oop Flair

Tom Pagès is a French freestyle motocross rider famous for his style that excluded backflips for the past few years to replace it with more unique tricks. The biggest achievement of his career was becoming the 2013 Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour champion and now, he has became the first freestyle motocross rider to ever land a 540 alley-oop flair. It seems like a walk in the park but there had been harsh times for the five-time X Games competitor before all of this.
13. 3. 2015 Comments: 0

Tom's know for pushing his boundaries (he went on to be the first person to ever attempt a frontflip in a freestyle motocross competition but  but backed down in mid-air) and one of the first tricks he mastered was the Volt body varial which he first performed in a competition at Bercy motocross 2010. That was exactly one year after Tom got frustrated with the face of the competition and the constant need to perform backflips, which ultimately resulted in him quitting freestyle motocross and even selling his bike. In a documentary that was released by Red Bull in 2014, Tom said that he had developed depression during that time and it took the help of a psychologist to overcome it and to get back onto a bike. Four years forward, he pushes the limits of freestyle motocross and it seems he enjoys it. Way to go Tom!

13. 3. 2015 Comments: 0

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