Hin Lek Fai Downhill Tracks, Hua Hin, Thailand

Khao Hin Lek Fai (sometimes also mentioned as Flintstone Hill or Mount Radar by locals) is a mountain of Hua Hin town, Thailand. Known primarily as a lookout point for both tourists and city inhabitants, the hill, which is just a bit over 200 metres above sea level, provides a perfect venue for MTB tour that draws on several downhill tracks.
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The area lies on the western bank of Gulf of Thailand and is reachable by driving some 150 miles southeast of Bangkok.

A trip up the steep road of Hin Lek Fai to the top provides a scenic view of the town, the beach, the Gulf of Thailand and the Royal Hua Hin Golf Course. There is a small park and bird conservatory on the hilltop, with trails leading to six viewpoints.

In terms of mountain bike riding, there are currently 3 single tracks with at least a bit more difficulty and one softer cruise. Three blacks and one blue trail in short. The main one, Thara (part of the annual Thailand Gravity Series race), consists of about 900 meters of pretty rocky downhill single track with plenty of large rock obstacles, switchbacks, berms and drop offs. The second by difficulty is G-spot followed by Wall Ride. All the above will provide you with a true bumpy ride through the Thai shrubs. Faster ride and dirt jumps, in any case, may be very dangerous, especially because of the bigger stones around the track. On the other hand it must be said that the track is regularly maintained and marked by local enthusiasts from a bicycle shop Velo Hua Hin.

While on the Thara track, you will definitely have no time to admire stunning hill panoramas. At 160 metres above sea level, Hin Lek Fai viewpoints afford unrivalled scenes of Hua Hin and surrounding areas in every direction. The first viewpoint is located slightly farther from the rest, before you get to the park’s entrance. From the parking lot, a trail takes you to the rest of the viewpoints, the scenic park, a small crafts shop and restaurant. The city itself has many hotels and resorts that fit nearly every budget. The conclusion is clear, do not hesitate to rent a MTB while traveling in Thailand.

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1. 5. 2018 Comments: 0

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