Eric Willett Creates the First Ever Big Air Mule by Stoli Vodka

Eric Willett, professional snowboarder, created the first ever Big Air Mule using Stoli Vodka (full recipe below) by pouring all of the ingredients at the top of a snowy ramp 16 stories (180 feet) above the 90 degree LA floor and then letting gravity do its thing as he sped down the hill and landed a sick flip in the air before pouring out his freshly shaken cocktail and enjoying it at the bottom.
23. 2. 2016 Comments: 0

The one and only Shaun White watched the whole thing go down and tweeted the video here:

Big Air Mule :

  • 2oz stoli vodka
  • 4oz stoli ginger beer
  • Ice
  • garnish lime and strawberry.


23. 2. 2016 Comments: 0

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