Italian First Freeride Cross

The awaited Freeride Cross, announced at the start of the season, is ready finally! A revolutionary course dedicated to snow lovers and all those who fancy having more and more fun: freeride + cross, an absolute and winning news for Italy. Born in Livigno, the Alta Valtellina white pearl, the unique concept combining freeride and freestyle, created to satisfy any taste, the Mottolino Freeride Cross has just been launched, and this is the best opportunity to try a brand new snow experience. Check it out!
15. 3. 2016 Comments: 0

Last few months huge snowfalls allowed the perfect conditions to build an extremely various and considerable path. A proper gem that took shape by Schneestern’s (snow park construction company; editor's note) expert hands, supported by Mottolino, celebrating an increasingly efficient partnership.

What is a Freeride Cross? The name itself puts together two different spheres, from off-piste natural terrain features, to ski cross and boardercross serial courses: breaking two schemes brought to a brand new discipline, the union of a naturally occurring terrain featuring artificial snow obstacles. Starting from ‘Valfin’ chair-lift arrival, the Freeride Cross is a 1.2 km long path with amazing cambered turns, lateral jumps, snow and ice tunnel, step-up – with higher landing - and step-down, but also breathtaking funboxes for everybody, until the arrival just over ‘Camanel’ mountain hut.

Competition is just one side of this jewel born especially to meet the purest fun between freeride and freestyle, following ‘Mottolino Fun Mountain’ philosophy: starting gates and speedometer are set to challenge people’s limits and get beyond. The course feeling respects anyone’s riding and skiing level, starting from beginners, who will experiment the typical cross adrenaline with the touch of truest mountain peculiarities, such as lovely powder turns and step-down soft landing.

Photos: © Eze Urrets, Mottolino


15. 3. 2016 Comments: 0

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