Climbing the Via Ferrata in Tyssedal, Norway

A unique Via Ferrata climb on Norway’s western coast can be made near the town of Tyssedal. The city is located by the Sørfjord, an arm of the well known Hardangerfjord, in Hardanger. The place perfectly shows how industrial sites of the past can become tourist attractions today, when a huge pipes constructions serve as a backdrop to the climbing Via Ferrata. You can also watch the video about climbing the Via Ferrata in Tyssedal in Hardanger.

The first part of the climb uses an old wooden ladder built for workers in as early as in 1906. Then a vertical stone is climbed near the ruins of scaffolding used during construction and maintenance of the hydroelectric system. The route is finished with a wooden staircase leading to a building at the top of the mountain (Lilletopp). At the height of about 400 meters (1200 ft.) there is a dam watcher´s house. You can reach the site by car from Bergen by the road rv. 7 - passing Arna, Norheimsund and stop for ferry crossing at Kvanndal. Ferry to Utne and then road rv. 550 to Odda and Tyssedal (total travel time 3 hours and 30 minutes). Find the place on the map of Locations...

The main Via Ferrata climbing provider is the OpplevOdda company ( 

Source: OpplevOdda Video :  Photos are property of the OpplevOdda AS.


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