Las Palmas Rope Swing, Gran Canaria

Rope Swing is one of the most adrenaline-filled activities of its kind. In recent years, this type of entertainment has expanded considerably and is becoming increasingly popular. The equivalent of bungee jumping is never the same. You can jump dozens of different ways, lengths of the jump and the rope. There are a huge number of places where you can give it a try. It just takes some equipment, a few professionals and proper depth underfoot. Following Canyoning, Paragliding, Scuba Diving and Climbing, Rope Swing is another extreme feat that you can experience in the Canary Islands.

Rope Swing is a short feeling of free fall by means other than skydiving. Moreover, it can be taken without any necessary knowledge or skills. Although it resembles bungee jumping, the entire system is very different. There are several options how to prepare the rope jump, but most of them require a good dose of experience. The whole system is based on mobile pulleys on which runs the jumper safely to the ground. therefore recommends services of Aventura en Canarias, which is the activity only operator on Gran Canaria that came up with a unique solution of rope positions to enable swing between a sharp cliffs located just few miles west of Las Palmas .

Aventura en Canarias

Aventura en Canarias is the extreme sports agency covering several activities including Rock Climbing, Paragliding, Scuba Diving and a host of others. Rope Swing (Jump) is one of their main specializations.

Canary Islands is one of the best places where you can practice these kind of sport. The landscape is perfect, the facilities are great and the weather is just unbeatable. Find the place on the map of Locations...

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Source: Aventura en Canarias website and FB profile. Thanks to Christian Fernandez. Photos: Aventura en Canarias. Video: Youtube 

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