Nevis Highwire - New Zealand's Highest Bungy

The Nevis Highwire Bungy is not for the nervous, it is New Zealand's highest bungy jump. Your body can fly 134 meters above the beautiful valley of the Nevis River, the place situated approximately 40 minutes drive east from Queenstown. It is the highest Bungy (bungee) in Australasia and a once in a lifetime experience.

You can expect a massive ground rush lasting 8.5 seconds! Nevis Bungy is a New Zealand's highest bungy jumping and also swing jumping venue. You can test your courage and adrenaline level by jumping from a highwire cable car hanging 134m above the Nevis River valley ground. The place belongs to the broad global portfolio of Bungy spots of a New Zealand Bungy specialist and entrepreneur AJ Hackett. It is located on private land and is only accessible by organized 4WD cars.

While the company starts by lulling you into a false sense of security onboard its comfortable buses for the scenic drive to site, things quickly take a turn for the daring as soon as you leave the highway for their 4x4 backcountry road.

Transportation to the spot is compulsory (takes about 40 minutes one way) and you have to allow at least 4 hours for your overall trip. The Nevis bungy is located on private land and is only accessible by organized 4WD buses. Buses depart the Station Building in the centre of Queenstown. Trips depart daily from 8.40am – 2.40pm. Check-in is 30 minutes before departure.

You can find the exact site position only on the map of Locations...

Contacts: AJ Hackett Bungy Queenstown, Corner of Camp and Shotover Streets, PO Box 488, Queenstown, New Zealand  Tel. 0800 286 4958  

Source:  AJ Hackett Bungy website  Thanks to Nigel Hobbs. Photos are property of AJ Hackett Bungy. Copyrights applied. Video: Vimeo  Text: Martin Alexander

Video :

GoPro HD: Nevis Bungee Jump 134m from lgfcreative on Vimeo.

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