Battle of the Year: Lozano vs. Trubridge

This year will be as much thrilling as the 2015. And what better kick-off than two world champions trying to break Free Immersion (FIM) world record at the same time. Miguel Lozano and William Trubridge will have a chance to write themselves into history books; both will attempt to break the record that is currently on New Zealander's site but Lozano had been preparing all year long to beat the 121m line. Both attempts have been announced by AIDA International and to make it more interesting, both dates were set for March this year. We can't wait to see this.
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During the summer of 2013, Miguel Lozano took the decision to show the world what he's capable of and started with his main sponsor (Agaz) what he calls the "extreme depth project" that besides other things aims at breaking William Trubridge's current world record at 121m. But he will have a tough opponent. Trubridge is a multiple world record holder throughout all disciplines  and not only he will try and beat his own FIM record but his Constant Weight No Fins (CNF) record at 101m as well.

The Spaniard will dive in Tulamben, Indonesia during 21-27 March, 2016 whilst on the other site of the planet (Bahamas), during 19-23 March, 2016, William Trubridge will try to established his own record he set 5 years ago. The battle lines are drawn. Stay tuned!


18. 2. 2016 Comments: 0
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