The UK National Freediving Champions are Liv Philip and Tim Money

Every year the British Freediving Association (BFA) selects the male and female National Champion based on competition results in the pool and open water. Liv and Tim are two of the most experienced freedivers in the UK and even with their level of experience and achievements, what comes across clearly from speaking with them is their genuine love for the sport, especially of the sea, and the importance of putting competitive freediving in context with the people they value in their lives. The two gave a short talk to the BFA and here it is.
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Liv Philip: “The family challenges I’ve faced this year have put into perspective how unimportant competition results are in the grand scheme of things. Having said that, as soon as I was in the water, it was clear to me how much I love diving in the sea, At the AIDA World Depth Championships in Cyprus I achieved a personal best Free Immersion dive of 68m which won me 4th place”.

Liv trains with Tim at the London Freediving club. Of Tim she says “It’s great to have a training partner who’s going to be honest with you and know when to tell you the truth, however much you might not want to hear it. When it all goes right, or wrong, you want your best friends and family to be there to share it with you, or what’s the point of it all? My mum is my biggest fan and winning this title has really cheered her up”

Liv Philip; photo: © Liv Philip

Tim Money: “Freediving gives me a chance to have some adventures; a great escapism from conventional life” (although Tim often brings his family along to enjoy the fun of competitions abroad, such as last year’s Vertical Blue meet in the Bahamas).

“The freediving community is special. At events there is a shared love and understanding of diving, despite differences in race, culture and lifestyle, which I think is pretty unique”. Of his achievements in 2015, Tim says his 68m Constant Weight dive at the AIDA World Depth Championships in Cyprus was his best moment, having trained more in the UK to keep his skills honed.

Tim Money; photo credit unknown

“Every winter I question how I can keep going after 10 years in the sport. I’ve decided I will continue in whatever way as long as I’m enjoying it. That may be recreational, within my club, teaching or competing”. On Liv as a training partner, Tim says “I think having a training partner who I can have healthy competition with gives us both a kick to make an effort!”

The Winners' 2015 Competition Performances:

Tim:  STA 5min 10sec, DYN 140m, DNF 103m, CWT 68m, FIM 62m

Liv:  STA 6min 19sec, DYN 145m, DNF 120m, CWT 64m, CNF 47m, FIM 68m


23. 2. 2016 Comments: 0
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